We love our 4 legged fur kids!

At J Dubos Dentistry we are all about our beloved pets. Dr. Dubos has 2 Golden Retrievers and they are quite the celebrities here at John J Dubos Dentistry. Many of our clients book on thee days these guys will be here in the office so they can pour lots of hugs and kisses on them. They are usually around the office on Wednesdays but if you want to book when they are here so you can meet them it is best to call us.

Portrait of John Dubos

Archimedes Nova Dubos aka Archie

Hi! My name is Archimedes Nova Dubos, but I am called Archie NO. I think my nickname is just supposed to be Archie, but all I ever hear is Archie NO, so I am not sure. I especially here this when I try to eat all of the amazing stuff on the ground or when I try to bite Leo as we walk each morning. I am also named after an astronomer for the same reason as my older brother, Leo, and late brother, Perni. I hope I can be as much of a charmer as my dad! I think maybe I already am.

I am only 4 ½ months old right now. I was born on March 27, 2019 and came to live with my mom and dad on June 3, 2019. I now get to go to doggy daycare and I love it! I play all day and I am so tired at night! My mom and dad love it because they actually get to sleep now! Most of all though, I love my older brother more than anything and want to be just like him! He acts like it makes him crazy, but I think he really does like me! I know he doesn't’t like sharing his bananas though! Since I want to be like him so much, I am already house broken and haven’t been in that awful crate for weeks!

My bucket list isn't’t as long as Leo’s yet, but I have already been in Uber too! I have swam in our pool and Lake Erie, but I really didn’t like either one! My mom and dad REALLY hope I grow out of that one! I just got to stay in my first hotel and thought it was really cool! I wasn’t afraid of the elevator like Leo is! I do hear that I am adorable and people always say that I hit the “doggy parent jackpot!” I’m not sure what that means, but I do like where I live! Mostly, I just want to be just like Leo and hope all of the patients like me too!

Portrait of John Dubos

Galileo Moonbeam Dubos aka Leo

Hi! My name is Galileo Moonbeam Dubos, but everyone calls me Leo, thank goodness! Don’t even ask about the middle name! My parents are too young for Woodstock, so I really don’t know what they were thinking. I do know that I am named after an astronomer, just like my late older brother Copernicus. My dad is super romantic and PRETENDED to point out the constellations when they first met. He lied, but she fell for it! So in honor of their first date, we are named after astronomers!

I have led a pretty cool life for my 11 years. I was born on July 10, 2008 and came to live with my mom and dad on September 20, 2008. For the first year of my life, I thought I was going to have to go live somewhere else, because I was a little too ornery. But then a wonderful thing called doggy daycare became a part of my routine! I could run and fetch all day and was super tired at night! Mom and Dad then thought I was the greatest pup in the world since I got to burn off all of my energy! I am still going strong and love going to play twice a week and some weekends!

I have been on a plane, a boat (which I did not like!), a bus and UBER. I have swam in MY pool, Lake Erie and the Atlantic Ocean! I love staying in Hampton Inns and Sheraton Suites! I guess you could say I am a world traveler! Most of all, I like getting attention from family, friends and all of the patients at my mom’s and dad’s offices. I am told that I am “PERFECT” and “THE COOLEST GOLDEN EVER.” I will take any compliment as long as you follow it up with watermelon and bananas! I know I am a pretty fortunate dog!